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Author: Anonymous

1. (Pro-choice Argument) Abortion is a matter of individual choice. No one can say with certainty when a fetus becomes a person. The unborn is simply a clump of tissue. So, abortion is terminating a pregnancy, not killing a baby. Life begins at birth, that's why we celebrate birthdays, not conception days.

(Pro-life Rebuttal) When a human life begins is not a religious, moral, or philosophical issue; it is a scientific and biological one. Scientists know a distinct human life begins at conception. From that time onward, the unborn child is a living, developing individual with a uniquely genetic constitution. Our recognition of birthdays is cultural not scientific.

2. Every woman has the right to control her own body. A fetus is part of a woman's body like her tonsils or appendix, because it is dependent on her for survival in the womb.

(Pro-life Rebuttal) All human beings have rights that must be protected. A woman has a right to protect her own body. Her unborn child, too, has rights, beginning with the right to continue life. The unborn child is an individual, separate and distinct from its mother's or father's. The baby has its own blood type, heart, brain, and other organs, and may have differently colored eyes, hair, and complexion. Being dependent on others should not deprive a helpless human being of fundamental rights. A newborn baby outside the womb is also dependent on others for its survival. An unborn is like a toddler, a young child, teenager, etc. These are all stages of development. Just because something is getting bigger and older doesnt make it any more of a human being.

3. The government should not interfere in this highly personal issue.

(Pro-life Rebuttal) As Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "the care of the human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government." In modern American society it is na´ve to suggest that the government can be absent from the debate on human life. The government acts through law to regulate in areas much less fundamental than the right to life. The real issue is whether the government will fulfill its responsibility to protect and preserve life, or continue to allow this most fundamental human right to be denied.

4. A woman may need an abortion because of personal circumstances that make it impossible for her to care for a young child.

(Pro-life Rebuttal) A woman has many choices for life. If she wishes to raise her child, there are countless programs across the country that can provide her with counseling, housing, medical care, job training, food, clothing, and other needed services to help her make a good life for herself and her child. If a woman feels that she can not provide for her baby, adoption can be a good choice for both her and child. Children's lives should not be sacrificed as a means of solving the problems of others.

5. Abortion is used only as a last resort and is frequently a result of rape, incest, or danger to the mother's life. A woman must have the right to terminate her pregnancy because of these widespread problems.

(Pro-life Rebuttal) The truth is that abortion has become a widely used method of birth control in this country. By 1988, 43% of all abortions were repeat abortions. Last year, more than 1.3 million abortions were performed in the U.S. (these numbers are not accurate because of the countless numbers of undocumented abortions). Less than 1% of these were performed for reasons of rape or incest, 7% to protect the mother's health or life. Abortion advocates fail to mention the other 92%.

6. Abortion should be available to women who may give birth to severely disabled infants. Disabled children may face a terrible life of pain if they are not aborted.

(Pro-life Rebuttal) It is inhumane to use abortion to set artificial standards of quality for human life. No one has the right to judge the quality of another human being's life, or decide who should live and who should not. The fundamental value of human life is a given; it is not determined by an individual's physical or mental capacities.

7. Americans who are "pro-choice" do not necessarily advocate abortion but believe in an individual's right to choose an abortion. Even many elected officials who are personally opposed to an abortion support the right of others to choose.

(Pro-life Rebuttal) There is no convenient middle ground when a human life is at stake. Law is a powerful teacher; many are persuaded that when something is legal it is morally good. The actions of politicians who say " personally opposed but.." fail to mirror their purported conviction that abortion destroys human life. The American public wants to elect real leaders, not those who succumb to political expediency on fundamental issues of human rights.

8. If safe and legal abortions are not available, women will be driven to dangerous back alley abortions, resulting in needless injury and even death.

(Pro-life Rebuttal) It should be remembered that a death occurs every time an abortion is performed-- the death of an unborn child. It should also be remembered that an abortion is a surgical procedure and although it is legal, it puts many women at serious mental and emotional risk. Additionally, many women suffer post-abortion complications, such as cervical muscle damage and damage to the uterine wall, which can lead to scarring, future miscarriages, or ectopic pregnancies. Since the Supreme Court's 1973 abortion decision, hundreds of women have died from what pro-abortion groups insist on calling "safe and legal" abortions.   Author Anonymous.